Safeguard Your Identity with Unparalleled Strength of Encrypted KYC

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Fortify the security of your essential documents with highly encrypted KYC solutions and conveniently get verified during hotel check-ins using the Sedax mobile app.



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Introducing World's First Decentralised Digital Identity Verification System

Real Time Authentication Using QR Code

Get your identity verified in no time by scanning encrypted QR code generated in an instance.


Zero Data Exposure During KYC

To protect your data at all costs! We have an encrypted KYC system to have zero chances of data leakage.


Unique Decentralised Digital ID Creation

Instead of you showing your physical ID, the system will generate a unique digital ID that will prevent data exposure.


Integrates with Digi Locker

In collaboration with DigiLocker, Sedax offers you the safest way to prove your identity without revealing essential documents.


Here's How Sedax Saves You From Identity Theft and its Misuse


Provide Personal Data Security

Unique ID verification system ensures that your private information is not visible to anyone during validation promoting data privacy.


Prevent Identity misuse

We eradicate the need to show physical documents at the time of KYC verification to prevent identity misuse.


Avoid financial fraud

Blockchain powered KYC system blocks anyone trying to steal your private information stopping any probability of financial fraud.


Data leakage

Your private data is safe because of Sedax with no one having access to your documents at the time of verification, not even the vendor.


Unauthorised Access

This verification system comes with multi-layer encryptions to prevent unauthorised access to your essential documents.


Privacy friendly

With this revolutionary KYC verification interface, you can skip the data collection stage, making the process privacy friendly.

Don't Become a Victim of Identity Theft and Misuse

30% of Indians know what it means to be a victim of Identity theft, as per Experian Survey.


₹100 Cr has been lost to fraudsters everyday for the last seven years by Indians because of data theft.


3.4% increase is seen in female harassment cases


How Sedax Safeguards You From Identity Theft & its Misuse?

Step 1: A user registers on the app to create a decentralised unique ID to ultimately claim his or her documents on Digilocker accessing his digital wallet.


Step 2: When the vendor raises a query to verify the user's identity, an encrypted QR code is generated.


Step 3: Finally, the user scans that code to complete the identity verification process and after validation, the transaction is protected with blockchain technology.

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Sedax is a Game Changer for Following Industries
Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism

The KYC verification model in the travel and tourism industry ensures the safety and security of passengers, prevents identity fraud, and complies with regulatory requirements.

Hospitality hospitality

In the world of Hospitality, identity verification is no longer a cumbersome process thanks to lightning-fast KYC solutions. We offer cutting-edge technology that not only guarantees safety but also ensures a seamless experience.

Healthcare Healthcare

We help ensure patient safety, streamline verification processes, comply with regulations, and enhance the patient experience in healthcare.

Telecommunications Telecommunications

KYC is crucial in telecommunications as it helps to verify the identity of customers, prevent fraudulent activities such as identity theft and SIM card fraud. Sedax’s revolutionary business model enhances its safety.

Finance & Banking Finance & Banking

Encrypted KYC verification system helps to comply with regulations, mitigate risk, protect customers, and improve the customer experience in the world of finance.


The KYC system ensures the authenticity of student and staff identities, and prevents fraud.

Why Choose Sedax?

Sedax's encrypted KYC verification system provides a secure and reliable way to verify customer identities, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while minimising the risk of fraud. With advanced encryption technology and a user- friendly interface, Sedax offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

When it comes to caring for our society, our company believes in nurturing eco friendly technology, promoting data privacy, and women empowerment. With the sole vision to protect everyone's personal information by offering a powerful KYC verification system, the company is advancing towards social development

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Why is only aadhar accepted as the govt ID?

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